BTK | Paranoia Mix vol. 11 - Crime Side | May 2008

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BTK | Paranoia Mix vol. 11 - Crime Side | May 2008

Postaj  unn on čet svi 22, 2008 6:49 pm

BTK | Paranoia Mix vol. 11 - Crime Side | May 2008

[ Barcode || Uprising || Algorythm || Obscene || Sinuous || OhmResistance ]

01. SKC & Munk - North Pole (Tactile Vinyl dub)
02. Calyx & Teebee - Desolate (Renegade Hardware dub)
03. Concord Dawn & BSE - Crime Side (dub)
04. Keaton & Hive - The Place VIP (Renegade Hardware dub)
05. The Upbeats, Evol Intent & Ewun - Smash (NonVogue dub)
06. SKC - Rush (Tactile Vinyl dub)
07. Bulletproof - Sidechain (Renegade Hardware dub)
08. Phace & Rawtekk - Stretch Pack (Subtitles)
09. Apex - Nowhere to Run (Lifted)
10. Karl K, Kaos & Jae Kennedy - Moonraker (THID Rmx) (S&S dub)
>>> Raiden - Helium (Offkey)
11. Vicious Circle - Bleak (DSCI4)
12. Nphonix & Enei - Spacecraft VIP (Cyanide dub)
13. Manifest & Identity - Infected World (dub)
14. Concord Dawn - Chloroform (SOM Remix) (Uprising dub)
15. Counterstrike - Rise (Algorythm dub)
16. Cause 4 Concern - Catch 22 (Renegade Hardware dub)
17. Digital Soul - Tech Monks (HMSU)
18. Counterstrike - Timewarp (Algorythm dub)
19. Propaganda & The Sect - Grime City (Offkey dub)
20. Identity & Task Horizon - Generator (Uprising dub)
21. Munk - Templar (dub)
22. Axiom - Nightwatch (dub)
23. SKC - Repertoire (X-Agenda dub)
24. Gremlinz, Manifest & Verb - Lion Of Babylon (Renegade Hardware dub)
25. Gein - Warden (Counterstrike Remix) (Guerilla dub)
26. Donny - Symtomless Coma (Current Value VIP) (Barcode dub)

| Mixed & Recorded by BTK @ Sasha's Studio, Zurich.CH

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Re: BTK | Paranoia Mix vol. 11 - Crime Side | May 2008

Postaj  implant on pet svi 23, 2008 8:17 am

evo i intervju: BTK Interview & Mix - May 2008


PIXELFACTOR: Yes Vinni…thank you for taking the time out to do this feature for us!

Vinni: Thank you Eric for always helping me to promote my mixes.

PIXELFACTOR: Your from Brazil, but residing now in Europe right ? For how long, and how do you find European club/dance culture different to that of Brazil’s ?

Vinni: I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, lived in Sao Paulo a couple of years, which is the biggest city in Brazil. This year i decided to move, and for now, I’m based in Switzerland. I’ve been playin a couple gigs in Europe since last year, when i sorted my 1st European tour. For being Brazilian, most djs and promoters thought that I am a liquid head or that my music is full of Portuguese vocals and guitars, but my sound is a bit more heavy and darker, so I think in Europe I had much more opportunities than in Brazil because it’s a sunny country and everyone loves the Vocals there. And another big difference is that in Europe most djs are used to play with serato and CDJ’s… Dj’s in Brazil are still arguing on the CD vs Vinyl issue.

PIXELFACTOR: You’ve had releases on Barcode, Uprising, Obscene, Sinuous and Techno Artillery…tell us your highlights and what we can expect in the future ?

Vinni: I’ve got a couple of new tunes forthcoming for 2008. Last year i was too lazy to finish tracks so this year I am trying to focus more on production which reflects straight on my gigs. Got this remix for Moonraker (Kaos, Karl K & Jae Kennedy) which i made with Jonas (Task Horizon), it has been played by a couple of good names in the scene, it’s going to be released after this summer on Jae Kennedy’s label. Another tune which i expect a lot of is called Infected World, a collab with Manifest. It’s coming out as 001 for his label. In 2008 there’s a collab with Jonas (Task Horizon) forthcoming at Concord Dawn’s label Uprising, called Generator. And another one called Project 2501 with my Russian brother Nphonix, forthcoming as 12″ on Counterstrike’s label, Algorythm.

PIXELFACTOR: Describe your style and sound of which you produce ?

Vinni: Basically when i start making some beats, i focus on the groove and how it works on the dancefloor, influenced by my Brazilian groovy roots but after that my techno side kicks in and a track always ends filled with hard stabs and dark reeces with a bit of this acid techno vibe on my the tracks.

PIXELFACTOR: How long have you been making music ?

Vinni: Drum and Bass since middle of 2005, but i’m also working on TeknoBeat, a famous “style” in Rio de Janeiro around 2001/2002, it’s a mix of Funk Carioca with some HardHouse samples.

PIXELFACTOR: What is your production setup ?

Vinni: A Laptop Centrino Dual Core with 2 gig memory ram, HD25 and Cubase SX3.

PIXELFACTOR: What producers do you look up to and are influenced from ?

Vinni: My influences for dnb comes from the middle of 1999 from Bad Company, Cause 4 Concern, Ed Rush & Optical, Calyx and my favorite artist in dnb, Raiden, who I met for the first time last year, also from a lot of Techno producers like Dave Clarke, Chris Liebing, Umek, Valentino Kanzyani…

PIXELFACTOR: You’ve played in most big cities with a DNB presence…which was your favorite and why ?

Vinni: I loved playing in countries like Russia and Croatia, last year at Club K4 in Slovenia was an awesome party. I also had a gig in Brighton (UK), called Autopsy, where i played on the best sound system up till now.

PIXELFACTOR: You have hustled your way up the ranks over the past few years…what advice can you give to new coming or aspiring producers ?

Vinni: I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro where people in that city love regional music (so do I) and the Drum and Bass scene over there isn’t that big at all. I always trusted my feelings and kept trying my best as a producer and DJ. These days everyone can plan his career as a dj/producer because it’s easier to get in touch with labels over the internet. Basically you need to make good tunes and you have to get signed on quality labels. I try to bring something new to Drum and Bass when I hit the studio with my friends. Never give up about your dreams. When you make good things, they get back to you and in the end, it’s all about having fun.

PIXELFACTOR: You are also big in the techno game..please explain ?

Vinni: Heheh not big at all, but yeah, i’ve been working on Techno (DJ/Producer) as a sideline project under the alias Vinicius Honorio. This year i’m getting my first EP released around end of July, for this Croatian label called TECHNO ARTILLERY. I’m planning some Techno special tour after it to promote this EP, which i am pretty excited about.

PIXELFACTOR: What is your tour schedule looking like for the rest of 2008 ?

Vinni: It’s getting busy, i am personally having a really good year, nothing bad to say about it. I’m also looking forward for this summer in Europe. I’ve got a couple of gigs confirmed in Croatia, Czech Republic & Slovakia.

PIXELFACTOR: Any shouts you would like to give to the crew ?

Vinni: Big ups to Guilherme 76S, Murphy, Wehbba, Jonas & Tim (The Passive Resistance), Axiom, Optiv, Phil, Ink & Clayton, Cyall (Barcode), Manifest, Gremlinz, Nitrox & Kay, EBK, Munk, SKC, Matt-U, Jade, Matt (ConcordDawn), Jeremy (The Upbeats), SOM, Bungle, C.A.B.L.E., Shirokova, Nphonix, Flame, Implex, Andy Propaganda, D-Struct, CBX, Wiz, Illegal Kru, Cooh, Kigami, Digital Soul, Treo, LoopJunkies, No Money, KaytodaD, EletronicHunt guys (RO)… and all djs/producers who support me sending wicked tunes and playing my stuff. Thank u guys!

PIXELFACTOR: Really looking forward to see you back in the UK sir…can’t wait Smile Keep putting out the good shit mang! Respect.

Vinni: Yes yes Eric, gonna hit UK again around September, thanks for the interview!

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