DRUM'n'BASS Session / Summer Edition / @ Boat Burja, 13.7.2013

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DRUM'n'BASS Session / Summer Edition / @ Boat Burja, 13.7.2013

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DRUM'n'BASS SESSION, Vol. 2 / Summer Edition /

=> THE SLIMERZ (BNC Express, Italy)
/ http://soundcloud.com/the-slimerz /

=> BOUNDLESS (Audiocortex, Austria)

=> FERRUM (AudioCortex, Austria)

=> MIXXLE (Vibe Department)

/ http://www.mixcloud.com/syntaxx /

/ https://soundcloud.com/thee-jay /


THE SLIMERZ is a drum and bass duo from northern Italy. They played in several rock and heavy metal bands at a young age, before they started producing electronic music, at first as Futur Arles (Dbox Records, Macignus Records - dubstep) and Holoovoo (hardtek) and then together as The Slimerz. In March 2013 they released Tempted EP, featuring remixes from some of the most interesting artist in the Italian dnb underground scene: Promenade, Monolow and First Line Squad. They are currently working on new tracks that will be released soon, collaborating with Mastaba Audio and Neve among others. As DJs they make fast 4 decks sets that allowed them to successfully play in many italian clubs, sharing the consolle with the biggest names in the scene like Dub Phizix and Black sun Empire.

BOUNDLESS was taken to the music very early. Initially to the drums and guitar. After them Laurenc discoverd the Electronic Music. He`s really fascinated of the music called "Drum and Bass" (like DJ`s for instance Andy C, Camo and Krocked, Sub Focus) The love to this music grew more and more. The acts which he has already supported: Sigma, Original Sin, Tantrum Desire, Inside Info, Smooth, A.M.C. and Six Blade.Since 2012 he has his own eventseries with his Dj-friend Ferrum called Audiocortex. It will be exciting when he plays his 3-deck set.

FERRUM, since he was a little boy, he was interested in music. His family educated him really with a musically lifestyle. When he was 9 years old, he begun to learn the guitar in a music school. He always was interested in electronic music. For example Pink Floyd who was one of the first bands, who play music with electronic effects. Later when he was beginning to go out he mostly goes to Drum and Bass parties and it tasted good in his ears. So he got more and more interest in this genre. Then in the year 2007 he met a guy called Laurenc and he is d`n`b DJ as well. So Boundless and Ferrum were dj –ing for few years and established in 2012 an organisation called audioCortex in Tyrol / Austria. Till now he was supported with A.M.C ft. MC Phantom (Titan rec.), SMOOTH (Viper rec.) and Six Blade aka. Mattix and Futile (Viper rec.).

MIXXLE is the head of Vibe Department. His focus is in various styles of drum'n'bass, but mostly it's driven by dark, powerful and intelligent sound, which he spices up with some surprises from his diverse music library, that will catch you unprepared and throw you off your feet.


Ticket price: 13 eur

Tickets avaliable only in presale! Limited number of tickets!

Maribor / joran.teras@gmail.com / 070730011
Coast / welt2200@gmail.com /
Other / trustedsounds@gmail.com /


the_slimerz@hotmail.it / 393403768480




Summer Location:
Boat Burja, Portorož, Slovenia

Summer date:
saturday, 13.7.2013



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